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PA Municipal Electric Association

James J. Havrilla
Public Power Service Award

Named after James J. Havrilla, the award is presented to an individual who, throughout their career, has consistently demonstrated a commitment to public power. James Havrilla was a professional engineer who engaged with many, if not all, of PMEA’s member municipalities over the course of his career. His 25-year affiliation with PMEA first began in 1993 when he was employed by Quad 3, the association’s appointed engineers. At Quad 3, his project assignments required interaction with many of the boroughs and he also regularly attended and presented at the PMEA Annual Conference. Jim, together with Norm Baron, formed Utility Engineers PC in 2008 and PMEA then appointed Utility Engineers as the association’s engineering firm. His many responsibilities and projects included negotiating and drafting wholesale municipal electric supply contracts; designing electric utility substations, transmission and distribution systems; and electric utility rate work including rate development, analysis, and cost of service.

Eligibility criteria:

An individual elected, appointed, or employed by a PMEA member municipality or a related agency.


Nominees should:

1. Have contributed to the betterment of electric utility services in his/her community;

2. Have demonstrated leadership and made contributions to public power;

3. Be recognized by their peers;

4. Have participated in the activities of PMEA, thereby supporting public power service beyond the limits of his own community.

Process and timeline:

The James J. Havrilla Public Power Service Award may be annually presented at the association’s annual conference in September. Nominations open on March 21, 2022, and will only be accepted on the accompanying nomination form which must be submitted on or before the close of business on May 9, 2022.


All valid nominations will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the PMEA Board. The Committee shall present its recommendation to the Board for final consent. The award will be presented at the annual conference.

Nomination for the James J. Havrilla Public Power Service Award, please return the form below to PMEA via e-mail to Please retain a copy for your records as well.

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